Children of Saints

Indians of African descent, known as Sidis, march in procession to the shrine of their ancestor, the African Sufi saint Bava Gor.Sidi women at the tomb of the female Sidi saint Mai Mishra in the village of Ratanpur.In the courtyard of a Sidi family’s house.  Sidi girl with an injured finger.Sidi girls. Sidi Girl.Mother and daughter.A Sidi family in the courtyard of their house in the city of Junagarh. Grandmother and grandchild. Sidis in the town of Bhuj dancing and singing on the death anniversary of a Sidi saint.Sidi women prepare for a procession to the tomb of a Sidi saint in Ahmedabad.A man in a trance of spirit possession. A woman outside the tomb of the female Sidi saint Mai Mishra.People at the tomb of a Sidi saint. Sidis drumming and dancing on the death anniversary of a Sidi saint.A girl watches ‘Urs festivities at a shrine.  Men drum, while women dance and sing at the beginning of a religious ritual honoring Bava Gor.Sidis begin a procession to the tomb of an ancestor saint.A Sidi fakir brings vessels of water to the tomb of the saint Bava Gor.A man in a state of spirit possession during a Goma.Possessed by the spirit of the Sidi saint Mai Mishra, a woman dances in a trance during a Goma.People restrain an entranced man who has become possessed by the Sufi saint Bava Gor during a Goma. A woman dances at a festival. A man dancing while in a trance of spirit possession holds up his index fingers in an instinctive gesture indicating unity, the ultimate goal of all mystics.People dance Goma in a circle in front of a Sidi saint’s shrine in Bhuj. Drumming on the muggarman, an African style drum, during the Sidi Goma.A man and woman in the midst of spirit possession by Sidi saints.Drumming during a Sidi Goma.An possessed man restrained by his friends.Two men in a trance.A man kisses the tomb of a Sidi saint.A boy peeks around a corner at people possessed by the ancestors at a Sidi Goma.