Men of Heart

A Baul Fakir traveling down the Padma River in Bangladesh.Bauls sing at a gathering in a village in West Bengal. Pilgrims travel to the Kenduli fair in West Bengal.On  a full moon night pilgrims worship in a medieval Bengali temple in the village of Kenduli. They pay respects to the 13th century Indian poet Joydev, the composer of a long devotional poem called the “Gitagovinda.”Bauls sing during the Joydev Mela, a festival held for nearly eight centuries now, in honor of the Bengali poet JoydevA Baul Fakir sings in Calcutta.Bauls busk on a train while traveling to the Joydev Mela in Kenduli.A peasant on the way home to his village in rural Bengal.Pilgrims in the village of Kenduli in West Bengal.Bauls singing in the afternoon in a village.Baul Fakir.Baul.A Baul Fakir sings on a rooftop above the lights and noise of the Bangladesh capital Dhaka.Peasants at home in a Bengali village. River transport in rural Bangladesh.After a long night of singing, a Baul receives a massage from a pilgrim. Bauls at a gathering in Calcutta.Bauls rest in a vacant school building during a gathering in Calcutta.A Baul Fakir prepares in the late afternoon before a long night of singing.An ancient sacred banyan tree on the outskirts of Calcutta. Though it looks like a forest, it is actually one tree whose central trunk has died and rotted away.A Baul Fakir sings.Dusk on the Hooghly River in Calcutta. Baul Fakirs at a celebration honoring the Sufi saint Datar Baba, held annually in West Bengal on the anniversary of his death.A Baul listens to his friends sing.Dusk at the Kenduli Mela in West Bengal, where many Bauls gather yearly to honor the poet Joydev. A Baul dancing. A Baul smoking marijuana.Singing.A Baul plays the dotara, a traditional Bengali instrument.Baul Fakirs in Calcutta. Baul Fakirs relax before singing.A girl plays in the sand near a river in rural Bengal.A Baul. The sun sets behind a medieval temple in rural Bengal.A Baul Fakir sings.A boat on the Jamuna River in rural Bangladesh.