Mysterium Tremendum

“Not how the world is, is the mystical, but that it is.”A monk passes a statue of the Buddha Maitreya at the Thikse Monastery in the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh.Buddhist monks perform the sacred Cham dance at Lamayuru, an ancient monastery in Ladakh.Buddhist monks during a dance ritual at Lamayuru Monastery. Monks performing a purification ritual.Buddhist monks during the Cham, a sacred dance performed on certain ritual occasions.The main range of the Great Himalaya seen from the trans-Himalayan valley of Zanskar.Monks display a giant Thangkha, a religious painting of their guru, on the wall of their monastery during a festival.A Buddhist monk whirls during a sacred dance.A Buddhist monk wearing the mask of Padmasambhava, an 8th century Indian adept of tantric Buddhism, who secured the triumph of Buddhism in Tibet and founded its first Buddhist monastery.A Buddhist monk dressed as a wrathful deity dances during a sacred Cham dance.The trans-Himalayan valley of Zanskar.A woman in a field of barley.The eye of heaven over the Himalaya.An ancient Buddhist monastery at Thikse in the Indus River Valley of the trans-Himalaya.Prayer flags frame Everest, Lhotse and Makalu, three 8,000 meter peaks on the border of Tibet and Nepal.The Milky Way Galaxy and Mars above Gumburanjun, a sacred mountain in the Zanskar Valley. Buddhist monks at a sacred dance ritual.Spectators watch the the dance of wrathful deities during the Cham sacred dance.  A small temple in front of a giant 8th century carving of the Buddha Maitreya in the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. A Buddhist lama giving blessings to pilgrims.Monks dressed as wrathful deities during a performance of the sacred Cham dance.  Buddhist monks watch during a Cham ritual.A man and a young girl on a horse cross a high pass in the trans-Himalayan region of India. A village in a remote valley of Zanskar.Dusk in the Stod Valley of Zanskar.A Zanskari woman in traditional dress.  An old man meditates at home.  The old city of Leh, capital of the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh.A woman heads home to a village consisting only of three houses in a remote valley of Zanskar.Young novices studying outside a temple at the Phugtal Monastery in Zanskar. A Ladakhi man.Dusk in the Himalaya. A summer storm over the Himalaya in the Indus Valley.Moonrise over the Himalaya.A young Buddhist monk.A monastery kitchen, located inside a cave.  A monk inside a chapel.People inside a temple during a ritual.Peasants returning home.A Zanskari kitchen.Monks gathered for to hear a discourse taught by the Dalai Lama.A monk dressed as a skeleton for the sacred Cham dance.A remote Zanskari village consisting of only one house.Moonrise in the Himalaya.A shaman traveling in Zanskar.Peasants returning home after attending a teaching by the Dalai Lama.Deep night over the Himalaya.